Ideas with Impact

Focusing on California's final frontier

Informing the Valley

Valley Future is driven to share insights on our region with those it most affects – the people. News on the San Joaquin Valley is slimmer by the day. Our flagship project aims to raise the level of information available to residents.

Research & Analysis

Valley Future tracks the decisions being made by local government and constantly researches the policies affecting the San Joaquin Valley to better understand how our communities are affected.

The San Joaquin Valley Sun

Shining a light on what really matters in the Valley

The San Joaquin Valley Sun is the flagship project of Valley Future, aiming to reimagine news on the Valley floor by focusing on the issues, people, and decisions often overlooked, while removing the agendas of legacy media outlets.

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Expanding Horizons

Shape the Valley's Future with Us

Our work to study and report on the Valley is just the beginning. We’re always looking for new and innovative ways to strengthen and shape our region for a thriving San Joaquin Valley.

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