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Central Valley-focused media and policy foundation launched to strengthen local civic engagement

FRESNO, CALIF. – The Valley Future Foundation, a nonprofit media and policy foundation aiming to strengthen civic engagement in the San Joaquin Valley, formally launched this week.

Valley Future is founded with a mission to deliver brighter ideas for the future of the San Joaquin Valley. To accomplish its mission, Valley Future Foundation will launch with three major initiatives:

  • Informing the Valley by improving access to quality local news across the counties of the San Joaquin Valley.
  • Researching Policy Impacts on Valley communities by evaluating action taken by local and state policymakers
  • Expanding the Valley’s Conversation by welcoming engaging and dynamic speakers and town halls to venues across the Valley.

Fresno attorney Alex Tavlian will serve as Executive Director of Valley Future, managing day-to-day operations and launching the Foundation’s programs.

“Improving the Valley starts with informing the Valley,” Alex Tavlian, Valley Future Executive Director said. “We’re tackling one of the biggest problems facing the San Joaquin Valley: lack of access to reliable information and news about our region. I’m looking forward to launching our projects in the coming weeks and month. Each offers our Valley an opportunity to chart a brighter path forward.”


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